Introducing: Instagram Chatbots. Сan you use them to get more sales or reduce your costs?
eCommerce is an industry that has always been one of the most customer-oriented, in this industry the brand value is defined by social conversations and direct contact where omnichannel is one of the main components of business digitalization.
A retention strategy that turns new customers into brand fans, is it needed? Are you still wondering? Then just think about this, customer retention brings significantly more sales than just а new ones. A new customer is a customer who first purchased at your store.
In this article we will share our personal observations and knowledge gained during the work with chatbots for scaling eCommerce Brands. This will help to make your business better and more established.
So, how exactly business uses plans for AI? For one thing, AI promises to re-architect business models
Today, shoppers have got an ever-evolving world of resources at their fingertips – and it is there in order to help them to choose and buy products.
01 / Introduction The era of conversational artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the business of both traditional websites and mobile applications. What are, then, the benefits of “conversational AI” that new business systems can offer? Well, to begin with: it seems that voice and dialogue interfaces are finally ripe to compete against traditional ones. Now, of course, change as such is no big news for tech industry. We might have provided you with a long list of examples, but instead decided to draw your attention to some most potent ones: mobile applications have already shifted the focus of users from…