Are You Ready to be Digital Celebrity in 2018? Take Care About Your Fans with Personal Brand Chatbot
Are You Ready to be Digital Celebrity in 2018

Are You Ready to be Digital Celebrity in 2018? Take Care About Your Fans with Personal Brand Chatbot

The chatbots allowing to its fans to speak with the stars still can’t do its duty for face-to-face meetings, emotions from visiting a concert, viewing a film or just a pleasure to answering a letter. But they could change the life of many people.

The contented fans — this is a pleasure for any celebrity, especially if you haven’t to invest great efforts. It’s no secret that SMM-specialists, who are ready to imitate a personal communication with the fans, very often answer on behalf of celebrity in social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. Those celebrities who answer on their own come across a huge information flow and they communicate with the fans much less frequently. After all an excessive attention of the fans could interfere with the professional activity, not to mention an invasion of privacy or even an intrusiveness.

Obviously the chatbots could solve this problem by offering depersonalized but 24/7 possibility to communicate with the fans and groupies. They can do a lot — tell the news, promote the advertisements, answer the frequent questions or display the videos and the audios.

This is the logical extension of the digital communication between the fans and their idols. A correspondence, a concert, a face-to-face meeting, a TV-show, an interview on YouTube, responses on the comments — the chatbot becomes the next logical continuation of all this, becomes something more than just answering machine for the fans.

Not only celebrities but their agents believe in it too. Chris Mortimer, the head of digital marketing from Interscope calls Facebook Messenger a critical channel for the artists to reach their admirers. According to the source eMarketer just after 2019 more than a quarter of all humanity will use the programs for instant messaging.

From a business perspective, a communication via chatbots almost reasonable. In the first place the high loyalty of audience is matter — the percent of opening could run up to 75% during first 10 minutes greatly that live behind e-mail delivery and other types of contacts. On FB Messenger is platform there are more than 100,000 bots, which allow to business to communicate with clients in real time.

This make it possible to set in motion the viral machinery. Before a single “Cold”’s release the Maroon 5’s chatbot sent ten second clip of the song to the all subscribers.

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A great number of musicians are using the chatbots for notification about their concerts by way of Facebook Messenger: 50 Cent, Aerosmith, Snoop Dogg and Kiss were among the first, and today this list consists of dozens of performers.

Many celebrities took a great interest in chatbots, they begin to call them primary and the only way to interact with them. First of all the talk about actress and singer Kristina Milan’s chatbot, she became the first supporter of this technology. Thanks to the personalized answers, Milan’s fans have the feeling of chatting with the real actress, not the automatic chatbot.

For achieving this effect the actress regularly communicates with her own chatbot and gradually improves it. It is not necessary to realize such process by hand — thanks to the achievements in the sphere of machine learning and the recognition of the real language, in a short time chatbots will be able to gather the necessary information about the personalities from the open sources, to analyze the pronunciation by the videos and audios and then to improve the quality of imitation.

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And now imagine that such chatbot could help the Star to became her own holography or virtual copy in the world of mixed reality! We should only add a visual icon and voice interface to the active chatbot and the fans will receive the access to their dream anywhere in the world without taking off VR-headset. According to the Gartner and Juniper by 2020 chatbots will be involved in 85% interaction of business with clients.

What daily could force the fans to spend their time for communication with the chatbots?

  1. The chatbots give the fans the feeling, that they really speak with their lovely celebrity.
  2. The chatbot constantly send fans the useful links about celebrity’s interests: about books, music, events and even about mood.

Today the celebrity it is a brand, and then the same problems stand in front of them. Could the consumers communicate with the brand? The chatbots can cope very well with this huge information flow and at the same time giving the mass and personalized interaction.

Furthermore the information receiving directly from the fans allows to analyze and to improve the strategy of communication. How the listeners reacted to the new album? Did they like the new role? How strongly do they wait for the new meeting? Now all this questions won’t be in the air, the direct contact allows to celebrities to keep their eyes open on their audience.

There is one more case in which chatbots become the only one method of communication with the celebrities. In today’s world the non-existed personalities sometimes have more fans than actors, writers, musicians or other peoples, who are standing behind the virtual figure.

It could be such as literary figures, video games’ heros, a superhero from comics and protagonists from video films. The chatbots allow their fans to touch to lovely creation, to save the relations with favorite personages.

The Large studios make active use of the chatbots for popularization of TV series and films. TV series Westworld’ s chatbot maintains the illusion of existence of virtual park with androids, and Red Queen’s chatbot from Resident Evil lets fans to feel the impetuosity of Umbrella Corporation.

But even such grave studios like Sony (Red Queen’s bot customer for the advertising of a new part of Resident Evil) make an errors during the creation of a chatbot. After a year from bot’s release, it doesn’t answer, leaves the questions without responses.

The creation of a stereotyped chatbot for different celebrities is not the way. Only chatbots which have its own personality could draw attention of the fans otherwise there could be the opposite effect.

A number of companies base their marketing strategy on creation of the chatbot for celebrities, but in a result each next chatbot becomes only a copy of previous. During the development of a star’s chatbot don’t forget the importance of a personal approach and the understanding of an own fan’s base.

And while the actors get into characters, the chatbots continue to maintain its interest to the different franchises, the albums and the celebrities, don’t making them feel the damnation of a one role.

If you work with the celebrities or have your own fans, give them the chance to be in contact with you! Address to us and create Your Own Digital Star for Free White Label Version of Brain (revenue share model).

The BRN.AI company is ready to take all technical aspects of a chatbot creation, and you should only decide how you will communicate with your admirers.

Start right now and the first demo chatbot will be ready in a few days. Improve your popularity and with the chatbots you will be successful and will have a high exit.

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