DTC brands and Conversational Commerce transforming Instagram to the biggest eCommerce platform
DTC brands and Conversational Commerce

DTC brands and Conversational Commerce transforming Instagram to the biggest eCommerce platform

Today, shoppers have got an ever-evolving world of resources at their fingertips – and it is there in order to help them to choose and buy products. 

The question that naturally arises is: how to better understand the mindset of omnichannel consumers? Modern direct-to-consumer e-commerce companies build, market, sell, and ship their products themselves, without middlemen. Messaging platforms have already become so popular that the four largest of them can boast more active users than the four largest social networking platforms.

Over the past ten years, even more brands have emerged, creating online shops for almost any item you can think of ranging from toothbrushes and contacts to socks and suitcases. DTC brands use another view to finance, sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, integration and sell without middleman advertising agencies, publishers and retailers. Moreover, Two-thirds of all U.S. consumers expect direct connectivity to the companies from which they buy goods and services, according to Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Due to the fact that eCommerce has always remained one of the most customer-facing industries – where direct personal experiences and social conversations define brand value – Instagram has increasingly been gaining reputation as a discovery engine for brands, but it can also drive sales and advocacy.

Conversational commerce is bringing commerce into the familiar and personal context of messaging apps, transforming the customer experience by making it a whole lot more convenient for both businesses and their customers alike. Customers with Instagram are used to message their friends for opinions directly while shopping, apart from this they also make purchases and post stories to show off what they buy.

Instagram, however, is not merely a platform of awareness generation. It goes beyond this latter and drives sales. In fact, 54% of the people surveyed said they made a purchase either at the very moment or right after they saw a product or service on Instagram.

People say they perceive brands

Simply by being present there, on Instagram, brands can create a positive impression on potential shoppers. This statement is supported by the fact that the people surveyed perceive brands on Instagram as popular (78%), creative (77%), entertaining (76%) and relevant (74%).

As a platform, Instagram plays a key role in every step of the purchase process. People use it to discover what’s trending, to do some research on products before buying and decide whether or not to make a purchase — and each of these moments offers touchpoints on Instagram where you can drive action.

At this point, brand-led communications do have a particularly strong impact on people’s shopping journeys. In fact, when asked how exactly brand content can help them on Instagram, 42% said it helps with discovering products or services, and 44% said it is really helpful when looking for a new information about a product or service.

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Additionally, 41% of the people surveyed said the brand’s content helps them to research the product or service. Not surprisingly, those who were interviewed also expressed a desire to hear from brands in their own voices.

Instagram helps people

The respondents said they find product information on Instagram in a number of ways. For instance, customers click on the “Learn More” button to be taken to the brand’s website. 66% of the people surveyed by “Project Instagram” by Ipsos said they have been using Instagram because it has enabled them to interact with brands, making it a perfect place to reach people where they’re the most receptive.

Sometimes people tend to use Instagram like a shop window, that is, simply to look at the different ways people wear clothes, then check the hashtags for more brand information. And yes, of course people build connections around shared interests! 91% said they’ve been using Instagram to follow at least one of their interests, and these results were particularly pronounced in India where 98% of respondents said that’s the reason they use this platform.

Now, let’s take a look at some geographical aspects of the data collected. The top interests people pursue are travel (45%), music (44%) and food and drink (43%), with a host of other passions down the line. India differed from all other countries with technology as its top interest, while Korea, Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey all included movies in their top three interests. 

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Owning just a small DTC brand, you would have a unique opportunity to connect with their audiences by staying on top of trends and areas of interest. It helps keep their content relevant and provides market insight into what motivates their customers.

What kind of DTC brand is the best option for Instagram? At first, that should be a product, that could be placed on photos of Instagram accounts and ready to be brandable. It seems a good idea to start with one vertical mono-product.

People want to see your photos and videos, but they don’t need to be perfect — most people just want to see fun or entertaining content.

What’s working best? Choose a product for a big passionate group, like cat or dog (or, perhaps, even kid!) lovers. Try not to opt for expensive products, it’d be better to start from 20-30$ per order. Instagrammers are open to hearing from new brands. If you have influencer and celebrity endorsements, also let your followers hear from the brand itself in an authentic and interesting way.

Set your brand up for success with BRNDS.CO! You can start sales with your own brand in a few quick steps. We’re looking for experts in eCommerce Brand Development to start eCommerce Companies.

Engage at every step and think beyond awareness — consider experimenting with different messages and creating your next DTC brand, and see how other brands succeed on Instagram in these case studies. Instagram isn’t just entertaining, it drives action. Once you realize what it is that people want from brands on Instagram, your next step will be to create your own!

Use your 6 figures exit in 12 months — we will provide you with whatever you may need. BRNDS.CO is an eCommerce company incubator, with expertise in starting DTC brands on Instagram.

And, since, as we’ve already mentioned, instagrammers are ready to hear from brands, all you need is to deliver content straight to them at every stage of the consumer journey. Just post content that promotes discovery (like targeted ads or hashtags), aids in research (like testimonials, reviews or product details) or helps at decision time (like offering sales or limited-time offers).

No more manual making leads with “copy-pasting” the same old answers to the client’s questions — let your bot handle it! Our AI-powered chatbots keep leads engaged by instantly answering their most typical questions — and yes, bot works in Instagram Direct as well.

BRNDS.CO uses CBM — Cash Bot Machine by BRN.AI — intelligent tools that include all you need for successful eCommerce, including Social affiliate system, Smart sales recovery, Sales Analytics, Smart CRM and integration with Shopify-based shop. What’s more, CBM’s no-code bot builder makes it easy for anyone to create their own Instagram chatbot and build.

What you have to do is to provide access to the inaccessible! To do so, fuel people’s passions by using Instagram Stories to share the excitement of being backstage, show exclusive photos of yet-to-be-released cars or provide an unfiltered look at exotic travel destinations. To sum it all up, encourage your audiences to follow their passions by providing them with exciting and unique content. Then, put your sales on automode with Easy-To-Use Instagram pipeline management and power your sales with messaging!

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