Using chatbots by DTC brands as a support to the customer’s journey for Shopify shops
Using chatbots by DTC brands

Using chatbots by DTC brands as a support to the customer’s journey for Shopify shops

eCommerce is an industry that has always been one of the most customer-oriented, in this industry the brand value is defined by social conversations and direct contact where omnichannel is one of the main components of business digitalization.

This concept has many definitions but there is only one that can express its essence most accurately: seamless interaction between a brand and a customer that is capable of creating a constant flow of customers using different platforms.

With omnichannel, all channels that surround customers are connected. Customers can switch between channels while having a customer journey, without any problems, and also they can get personal service at the same time. The main goal of omnichannel is to create a positive customer experience.

According to Forbes, today organizations use an average of 36 different systems to collect data that are practically not integrated.  

It means that most of the companies do not know how to identify a client and do not understand the mechanics of their customer journey through various digital channels.

For example, one of the greatest eCommerce platforms for small businesses Shopify can be easily connected to an automated process that allows for a customer to be served all over one’s client’s journey. Such a bot can directly affect the buyer’s decision to make a purchase.

Your Shopify store customers just need to have, any messenger such as Facebook Messenger, e-mail, or even Instagram Direct automation with BRN.AI, which is very easy to setup. Using eCommerce brand builder with its great functionality, you can easily increase the awareness of your customers, as well as guide them in making decisions. With minimal effort, chatbots through interaction with customers through any modern messenger can significantly increase sales, and therefore the profit of your Shopify business.

Our partner brands have achieved great success using the omnichannel tools and chatbot features of the BRN.AI system. The main thing is to use chatbot functions accordingly to the stage of the customer’s journey.

It frequently happens that it’s not obvious how to implement an automated process into a particular business. Traditional retailers don’t have formed a strategy for working in digital channels or a digital transformation roadmap. Everything changes in case if the chatbot is used by the Direct-to-Consumer brand. In such companies development of bots is not separated from business processes, and the main goal, not hype but an increased amount of appeals.

Customer Journeys Are Expanding Marketing’s Mandate

How does the buyer make the decision? What stages does it go through? Before the final decision to buy something, each of the buyers goes a certain stage. This path can be divided into the main three stages of the customer journey:
1) Information / Awareness stage
2) Review / Consideration stage
3) Solution / Decision stage

Understanding all this way, to making a purchase decision, helps to a large extent to build the right person-oriented marketing strategy. In turn, the right strategy encourages the buyer to make a purchasing decision.

The main goal of each strategy is to guide the buyer through all stages of the decision to purchase your product. But, don’t think that one well-thought-out strategy manages with the task of making every site’s visitor to buying a product.

What goals and what issues are being addressed by the buyer in different situations? You need to understand this to be sure that you are correctly responding to the path to bringing the buyer to purchase the product. Each stage should be determined by the client’s think and emotion. Based on this, it is necessary to plan content and marketing strategies so that they correspond to each stage separately and at the same time are a single whole. In this case, the result will be much better.

Retail and Consumer Goods Marketers
Who Use or Plan to Use AI

Chatbots are a great way to interact with a customer and the right tool on the way to purchase. 70% of successful entrepreneurs report a positive result of their use.

With AI sentiment analysis, you can set up uncomplicated automation that will allow you to send different content that faultlessly matches the visitor or client possible feels. By the end of 2020, 51% of consumers and 75% of business buyers are going to expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions and as many as 30% of all B2B companies will employ AI to augment at least one of their primary sales processes according to Gartner.

The information stage is really powerful. Because your visitor is solely beginning to understand that he has a problem, or he begins to see an opportunity, you should help him decide what kind of problem or opportunity does he have. If you skip this step, you won’t bring visitors down your funnel and you won’t get a conversion. Chatbot features are your opportunity to contribute to the reporting stage so that customers can name their problem or opportunity and continue to participate.

An on-site chat widget or chatbot in messenger is one chatbot feature you’ll want to ensure you have for this stage of the customer journey.

Some brands use bots to set up tests to assist clients to find products. Others have used custom bots to inform about what it is their brand makes or sells. This is the advantage of tools such as live chat in modern messengers over other automation.

The spirit of things

At the review stage, customers begin to evaluate your product from the position of compliance of this product with their requirements and expectations. It is very important to help them understand with personalization and valuable information that this is exactly what they were looking for. You should think carefully about what information your purpose customers and to understand the answer to the question: Why your product is the answer or the solution to their needs?

More than 53% of people perform to shop at stores they can contact. At this stage, custom convos are a great solution that will put your brand in a better position.

FAQ-styled custom dialog as a type of informational is the perfect way to connect with customers in the review stage. In such a way, you’re providing relevant content that will make your product stand out in a way that they understand it is the one-and-only solution for their problem.

Being at the information stage customers often look sure a product and add it to the basket to see the total amount and cost of delivery.

Sometimes the baskets remain abandoned, and the buyer continues to view the goods further, remaining at the review stage. This is a good opportunity to push the client to move to the solution stage by sending him a live chatbot message about abandoned cart.

Use of an automated messenger to send messages about abandoned cart is an excellent solution for attracting a customer back to your store. One of the factors that increase the likelihood of a client returning and moving to the next stage is sending personal messages, with coupons and information about a previously viewed product.

For the customer to return to the store and go to the last step on the customer journey, the message should contain the following information, the name of the buyer (if possible) the image of the product in the basket and a link, so that he can quickly go to the store and complete the purchase.

Although the purchase is completed, your final goal hasn’t yet been done. While 35% of buyers end up purchasing with chatbots, your main goal is to show excellent shopping experience with a chatbot, thereby developing the habit of making purchasing with their help.

It is very important to show your customers that you care about them and appreciate their purchases. For this, allow them to subscribe to update the status of the order during checkout. This will allow you to share information on delivery and updates, as well as further messages where you can ask questions about their order, whether everything went well, whether everyone needs to. This way you get important information for you about their feels to your brand.

The long-term success of your business directly depends on the fact that you were able to build a trusting relationship along the customer journey. Your main goal is your customers continue to come back to you and make new and new purchases, advise you for their friends, thereby attracting new customers to your store.

So, the purchase is complete, what next in the customer journey? Using a chatbot in the sales process, you had to collect certain data. Now your task is to follow the messages and use the collected data to return the buyer to your store.

Therefore, one more stage can be distinguished, the stage of repeated return. Its essence is to repeatedly return the client and pass through the same funnel. Here are a few key ways to do this: send promotional messages showing sales, coupons, and discount codes or product recommendations.

All you need for successful eCommerce is BRN.AI, smart tools that include Social affiliate system, Smart sales recovery, Sales Analytics, Smart CRM, and standalone Shopify-based store. Moreover, the visual chatbot editor allows anyone easily to create their chatbots without programming skills. It’s simple to put your sales in automatic mode with the easy-to-use conveyor control and increase sales through messaging!

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