Why is Happy2Buy Index crucial for your business?

Why is Happy2Buy Index crucial for your business?

Happy2Buy index is a metric used to quantify the degree to which a customer is satisfied with communication to your brand, informations about your product, your service and other experiences with your brand. It reflects on how a customer feels about the engagement with your company. Furthermore, it also gives you an indication of whether the customer is ready to buy your product and will stick with you forever, recommend you to his friends and colleagues or not.

Calculating the H2B level of your customers has been made very easy through brn.ai. It updates this score with every customer interaction in the chats.

Why is H2B index crucial for your business?

Among the dozens of factors contributing to the success and growth of a business, customer readiness to buy your product is the most crucial one. Customers are the greatest asset to any business, and it is important that your communication and service encourages them to be promoters of your brand instead of passives and detractors. Identifying the unhappy customers allows your company to bridge the gap between your company and customers hence, building upon your service. Here are a few key benefits that you can gain from H2B Index:

  • Improves the communication with your brand
  • Improves the transition of your brand cause (vision and the values) to the customer 
  • Improves the efficiency of your support team
  • Helps you forecast and work proactively
  • Helps you in understanding the needs and concerns of your unhappy customers
  • Assists in retaining customers

Measuring Customer Happiness

Accurate customer happiness index is the key to reduce customer churn and therefore an advanced H2B index should be set in place that predicts the readiness level of every customer accurately.

Measuring H2B index through dialogs

By calculating customer happiness through chat dialogs, you can map the impact of each customer experience to business outcomes. We are using Machine Learning techniques and AI for predictive analytics and sentiment analytics in real time during the communication with potential customer.
Apart from gaining accurate results, it also gives us the advantage of not having to disturb our customers at all. We don’t have to disrupt their routines for a feedback and instead the AI-based system can just read the chats and extract the necessary data.

Analyzing H2B index

The score returned by H2B gives you a clear insight on the buying readiness level of each of your potential customer. You can easily categorize your customers in different segments, use different communication strategies and discount rebates to transform the users into buyers. 

brn.ai CRM and Artificial Intelligence

CRM with embedded AI makes a very powerful combination because it goes far beyond the traditional functions of structuring and interpreting data. If you have installed such a solution on your system, then you will be able to connect with your customers on a whole different level. The implications and advantages of such a solution for your business are manifold. Not only that, but it empowers customer reps with the right intel to solve the issues of the unhappy customers.

Once a new message in chat is received, its data is bounced against the H2B Machine Learning system to analyze the intent of the user. The accuracy of the ML service can be improved over time because it learns through behavior patterns. brn.ai uses its proprietary algorithm to calculate and to classify these scores into different segments of customers.


Hence, even though the solution seems simple and straightforward, it is a very smart and intelligent approach that is designed to give accurate results. By extracting all the relevant information from client communication, it exhibits the sentiment of the customer and buying readiness, that gives you a chance to improve your customer communication at scale.

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