Getting started

Getting started

BRN is a platform for creating, integrating and monitoring of chatbots.

About BRN platform

BRN is a platform for creating, integrating and monitoring of chatbots. It is useful for:

  1. Creating chatbots
    1. With various scenarios based on diverse database of components
    2. With possibilities of output text messages, images, audios, messages With buttons, vertical and horizontal carousels with buttons
    3. With learning bot with our own natural language processing system
    4. With storing useful data for bot’s answers in our own content collections, filling manually or automatically from Facebook, Twitter and other Internet sources
    5. With creating alerts from bot to different users with managing of subscriptions and sending time
  2. Integrating chatbots
    1. Integrating bots into different Internet services: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, Kik and others
    2. Integrating bots and using BRN platform in devices with different OS: Windows, IOS and Android
    3. Integrating bots in internet shops
  3. Monitoring chatbots
    1. You can see latest activities of all BRN bots at page Global statistics on
    2. You can see statistics of certain bot’s activity and analyze what people communicate with this bot at bot’s page
    3. You can see bot’s dialogues with each user and may answer to user’s questions from the bot’s side in manual mode of dialogue

Creating a bot

If you want to create a bot using BRN platform, you have to register at site and open “Bots” page. At this page click “Add more”.

Bot creating

You can to create a bot in 4 different ways:

  1. Create an empty bot and then set its functions, content, broadcasts and other properties.
  2. Create a clone of existing BRN bot.
  3. Create a bot by template for certain facebook page. New bot will get new information from this page automatically, will show latest posts, photos, videos and events and will be able to send you alerts once a day, if you subscribe on them. All this functions will be created automatically.
  4. Create a bot from existing template on Bot will be created authomatically with certain functions fnd collections in its content.

After creating new bot, its button on will be created. Click on it, and you will see bot’s page. At this page’s navigation choose Settings.

Empty bot page

At Settings page you can add avatar, name and description for your bot. If you click on Connections at left navigation, you can connect it to certain Internet service. Then return to the main page of this bot. You can see avatar and connected account. If you created a bot via template for Facebook page, you can test its work by click on the account icon.