Menu – Scenario Component

Menu – Scenario Component

Menu is the most convenient way to switch dialog in depends on the user’s choice

To create a Menu 

  • Point the mouse over the ⊕ icon for some step where you’d like to insert the menu block
  • In the drop-down menu please choose Trigger / Menu
  • The new Menu block will appear
  • Then you can Ask your question. For example “First off, are you looking for:”
  • And provide a few possible options, for example, “Men” and “Women”
  • Then each of the suggested options you can connect to the new dialog branches depends on your needs


You can check the result of your work by clicking the Preview button

  • Or in the integrated channel, for example, Facebook Messenger


  • You can point many buttons here, but it can be limited by some of your channels. For example, it shouldn’t be more than 11 in Facebook messenger.
  • If you leave the menu item empty it will be deleted automatically