Other features

Other features

On BRN platform there are some other features for bots. They are described here.



Sometimes you want to give access to some functions on BRN page of your bot. For example, add product to shop or talk with user in Dialogs in manual mode. At these cases this person may register at brn.ai, and then you can add him or her to your bot team. This person will have access only for this bot, and only for operations, that not require rights of admin or bot creator.

You can find Support Team section at Settings page of your bot at the right side.

At the field Add operator enter name of person, registered on brn.ai, and click button “+”. This person will be added to your team.


Sometimes you need to protect your bot with password, so that only person, who has password. You can set password to your bot, if you go to Settings page, section Other and find field Protection.

At field Question type message, using which bot ask for password, for example, “Tell me password, please”, at field Code – password, and check checkbox Active.

Screenshots and webhooks

You also are able to add screenshot or webhook to your bot, using their fields on Settings page of your bot. Screenshorts field is located at section Catalog, Webhook field – at section Other: